Steffany was selected to participate in the Summer 2018 European Residency program with the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation located in studio 218 at the Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, NJ. For 5 weeks, all artists worked diligently to create a body of work that was presented to many wonderful guests at the closing reception on August 3rd 2018. Living in a politically tumultuous America, Steffany's series “Established 1776” involves the recreation of presidential portraits to shed some light on the history of immigration. The head of each president’s portrait is replaced with a bouquet of flowers to depict the lineage which formed the president, and therefore, influenced the path on which the country would be lead. Flowers are taken from both maternal and paternal ancestry as well as the state in which the president was born. The series begs the question: How would the history of America have been altered had the families of the most significant leaders not settled there?